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 The Year in Movies

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BeitragThema: The Year in Movies   Di Dez 09, 2008 7:16 pm

Zitat :
Best Performance By an Actor: Kate Winslet
Early in her career, Winslet gave the impression of being a frail, neurasthenic thing. No more. In her husband Sam Mendes’s film of Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road, she portrays a suburban mother desperately afraid of losing her openness, her self, and the performance is by turns frighteningly vulnerable and rock-hard: She rages against the dying of her inner light. Her battles with her husband (Leonardo DiCaprio) are so intense, so visceral, that you know there can be no survivors. That she turned around and delivered an entirely different heart-rending performance in The Reader (above) makes her this year’s most astounding chameleon.

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The Year in Movies
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